About Accura Media Group

Accura Media Group creates and delivers original travel, leisure, lifestyle, and automotive content to corporate portals, travel-related companies, and consumer websites, as well as to traditional, online, and mobile media outlets.

The cost-effective Accura News service provides large corporations, publishers, websites, and travel companies such as hotel groups and airlines with original travel news and feature content.  This includes Airline and Air Travel News, Hotel News, General Travel News, and Reviews.

In addition, the company has three publications, Frequent Business Traveler, a business and luxury travel publication; The Diesel Driver, a car magazine focusing on diesel and other green cars in the U.S. market, and Frequent Business Traveler Weekly, a newsletter.

It also manages two major awards programs, the GlobeRunner Awards, a readers’choice award program which honors the world’s best hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, travel websites, and other travel-related providers, and the Diesel Car of the Year and Diesel Car Manufacturer of the Year Awards, a readers’ choice program that recognizes the best diesel cars and carmakers in the U.S.

Passionate About Journalism

News is happening with greater speed than at any time before. While newspapers were a popular source for news since the London Gazette in the 1600s, the sources for news today have expanded well beyond television and cable news as well as news magazines and even their web properties. Each enjoyed a shorter reign than the medium before it.

Today, news is immediate, discussed in social media and discarded. Specialized sites with good editorial content and experienced journalists can provide this, and they represent a solid business with growing margins.

Accura is one of the media companies of tomorrow. Started by two brothers to test the waters, its properties have grown from a handful of readers to millions.

Accura is short on hype and long on the one element that matters: reporting. Unlike the many sites that purport to be news sites today, it doesn’t explain or aggregate –it reports.

Our Offices

Our offices are in New York City, Munich, and Los Angeles.

Our main office is at One Bay Club Drive, Bayside, N.Y. 11360 USA.  Tel. +1 212 725-2600.