Accura Travel News for Enterprise

people at desk (Tour Photo)Accura Travel News for Enterprise includes a real-time business travel newsfeed, a web app and an optional newsletter.

The real-time newsfeed is the primary service offering. It consists of original content written specifically for the business and frequent traveler by Accura Media Group’s editorial staff in its United States and European bureaus.

Content areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Airline and Air Travel News – new routes, new lounges, strikes, codeshares, frequent flyer program news, airline industry news
  • Hotel News – new hotels, major renovations, guest loyalty program news, reflagging, hotel industry news
  • General Travel News – weather, storms, and delays; airline, airport, and transit strikes; car rentals
  • Reviews – destination guides, hotel reviews, flight reviews, car reviews

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Accura Travel News in the main and travel pages of a corporate portal or intranet.

The newsfeed is a globally focused offering covering events across six continents. It is delivered in a format that can be utilized by enterprise portals, intranets and content management systems, and can be made available via desktop and mobile systems to employees. It can also be supplied as an embeddable web page.

The web app presents a full spectrum of news and features organized by user-selected topics and preferences, such as region, company name (a specific airline or hotel group, for example), or theme (new hotels or airline routes). It supports numerous applications including use by analysts, for competitive intelligence, and travel managers, who need comprehensive marketplace data to stay on top of specific types of news.

The custom-designed newsletter carries corporate customers’ branding and allows them to distribute the latest travel-related news to employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners on a daily or weekly basis via e-mail.

Accura Travel News for Enterprise provides companies with carefully curated and reliable content that supports the business and travel needs of their employees. Ready access to breaking travel news is an invaluable factor in the corporate world, and has the potential to save companies both time and money, both in terms of disrupted travel plans, as well as surprise situations that could potentially endanger employees.

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