All articles and information published on accura media group llc (hereinafter “accura”) Web sites are protected by copyright law.

Guidelines for Use of Intellectual Property

Accura publishes information on a variety of topics and issues for our readers. This information is provided in a variety of media, both online and off.

What is subject to accura copyright

All information published and provided by accura, in any form, is proprietary to accura and is protected by U.S. and foreign laws governing intellectual property. All such information published by accura or presented by its employees, agents or consultants is copyright protected. Since a copyright notice is no longer required by law, the omission of the copyright notice by accura does not invalidate copyright protection, and it does not indicate that accura authorizes the reproduction of such proprietary material.

What copyright protection does

The United States Copyright Act gives the owner of a copyright the exclusive right to reproduce the copyrighted work, to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work, to distribute copies publicly and to display the work publicly.

Prohibition against violating copyright

Since all accura materials are protected by copyright, reproduction of accura material by any means, without the prior written permission of accura, is prohibited.

Remedies available for violation of copyright

Violation of accura’ copyright may permit accura to recover actual damages, statutory damages, punitive damages and attorneys fees through actions in federal or foreign courts.

Exceptions to copyright protection

Fair use is a privilege that allows users to make use of copyrighted information without the specific consent of accura in specific limited situations. Such use may be permitted if the copying is for educational, noncommercial use, where only a small portion of the materials is copied and where the copying does not have a negative impact upon the market for the copyrighted work.

Accura’s explanation of fair use:

1. Single copies for personal use. accura considers as “fair use” the making of one single copy by or for a accura client at his/her individual request for personal use. This does not allow more than one copy for an individual.

2. Internal presentations. accura considers as “fair use” the reproduction of a reasonable number of sentences of portions of accura materials for use in a presentation, be it internal or external in nature. A reasonable number of copies in most instances will be no more than 5 at any event.

3. Internal interest. In certain instances, you may find that a specific article or portion of an article may be of broad interest within your organization. accura considers that a very limited copying of the material for internal use only is acceptable, subject to these specific limits:

  • No more than the lesser of 3 pages or 10% of the total content of the article is copied
  • No charts, graphs or illustrations are copied
  • All copies note the source of the material and contain a statement that accura owns the copyright in the material

What is not considered fair use

Uses that conflict with accura business practices or impair the market for accura’ materials are not considered fair use. These include, without limitation:

  • Copying of complete reports for archives, files (including personal files) or otherwise perhaps to avoid purchasing a second copy
  • Copying publications for inclusion in public relations or sales campaigns
  • Scanning, or otherwise importing publications into an electronic storage/retrieval system or the broad distribution of publications through electronic data transmission systems such as e-mail or posting on an Internet or intranet site

How to obtain accura materials without violating copyright…

1.) Reprints. accura sells reprints of its articles, for its then published price. Purchased reprints may be provided by you, in their entirety, at no charge, to your internal associates, clients or potential clients. Requests for reprints should be directed to

3. Obtain written permission. All requests to reproduce or redistribute accura materials should be submitted to The request should include specifics about which research/quotes/graphs you wish to use and should include the context of use.

From time to time, accura will grant specific permission to reuse quotations that contain information, provided that such quotations are not used out of context and would not impair our reputations or impede upon our business relationships.

Commercial use of accura name/endorsements

The commercial use of the accura name or proprietary information in advertising or other promotion of products may suggest to the public that accura is sponsoring or endorsing a product, is affiliated with the product, or has authorized or approved the use of the accura name, trademark or information in advertisements. In order to protect and maintain our reputation for independence and objectivity, accura will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Changes of policy

accura reserves the right to change its policies or explanations of its policies at any time, without notice. These explanations and polices are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute a waiver or estoppel with respect to any of accura’ rights, all of which are specifically reserved.